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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fly Jentayu Fly for International Women's Day 2009

Sharing some photos from Joie Koo's Allspire collection of Fly Jentayu Fly presented by Ombak-Ombak Arts Studio in 2009 for IWD celebration by WCC and Penang State Dept. At that time i was working on looking at the problem, from a point of view that to STOP violence against women is by making women aware that Change begins with ourselves. That we need to be empowered, our women elders - mothers, aunts and grandmothers must be empowered, and not enforce violence to control their daughters,niece and grand daughters. Change begins with us! I am not sure if that was the right message that the Women NGO's would like us to take, now that i review it 6 years after. But at that time it was an important message for us to make a say to the public. Fly Jentayu Fly is a dance of the women evoking the warrior spirit of Jentayu within them to rise rise above against violence, abuse and injustice. Here are some of the photos

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