Wise Women Warrior Dance of Mothers

Monday, February 9, 2009

To love and be loved in return

We can learn that the essence of love is not to use the other to make us happy but to serve and affirm the ones we love. And we can discover, to our surprise, that what we have needed more than anything was not so much to be loved, but to love,.... and be loved in return.

Interdependence is the circle of life. In giving you shall receive. Those who discover the quality of interdependence in their lives are those whose work becomes nurturant of community and earth, and who devote themselves to this work - which is often their children - with the fervor of a soul that feels so connected to the universe that every act of creation - in art or life work, and sacrifice and nurturance vibrates throughout every tender line of children life's vast web.

Women Warrior, dances interdependently with their partners, without fear of losing their self to the other or fear of the other. Without love, trust or respect for the other, there will not be a whole creation. To share a divine creation, there is no superiority or inferiority, no imbalance, in the couple's sacred duties as soul mates - the two giver of life,... like water nor land are capable of bearing fruit without the other. Loving your spouse, as they are, with each one in their journey caring for creation, in his way, the other in hers, but believing without fear, suspicions and distrust towards each others role, to fulfill the tasks as interdependent camaraderie, as well as a loyal partner serving the other unconditionally. If you have established the interdependence dance of faith and trust in your life companion, as I have with my life partner, Mohd Radzi Ramus Kaltoft, then in the blinking of an eye, the whole creation - our children will be formed through our love.

And so again, in giving you shall receive. I stand firmly, a warrior to protect, defend and support with loyalty to my husband's endeavors as he would for me. This is the most crucial principle of building a happy family. A happy family creates happy and secure little people in the world. So no matter how busy and challenging life may be with each of you in your individual work for creation,... family, the world and God. As long as you are loving your partner (or the colleague, team, friend, family member...) , and is loved in return, interdependently and unconditionally, in whatever life calling situation, or through ups and down, and changes of season, ... your children, your heaven is secure as they feel safe and balance holistically in the Garden of Eden you have provided with love for them.

Monday, February 2, 2009

First we must be a happy woman, only than can we be a happy mother for our children.

"To put the world right in order, we must first put the nation in order, To put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right." Confucius ( taken from Raising Happy Kids, by Rozieta Shaari)

This site is intended to honour and celebrate the spark of passion and vision that lies within the heart of every woman. Women are not newcomers to the warrior dance of mothers tradition; it is our heritage. Ancient myth and legend gives to us the stories of cultures created and guided by wise and courageous women. An integral part of every woman's journey to freedom is learning to reclaim the warrior within herself. Women who speak with truthfulness and honour with remarkable courage, women who teach their children dignity and integrity in the midst of superficiality and dishonesty bequeath a heritage of freedom. Women who treasure compassion, freedom and liberation more than safety, approval and affirmation embody the warrior spirit. These women are not strangers; they are part of our own stories, our teachers, our allies, our mothers - they are ourselves

It is not always an easy task for women to reclaim and honour the warrior within. The dominating, destructive, overpowering warrior we are used and familiar with has wounded and scarred our planet, our communities and our lives with its obsession with winning. We know the pain and grief of being disempowered, silenced and devalued. We are not that. Today, the warrior is a woman of poise and finely balanced. She knows how to be responsive and clearly focussed. Patience and determination merge happily within her. Strength and gentleness, receptivity and creativity, are not polarised but integrated. She is a woman of passion and creativity, power and healing. This is born of her vision, trust and commitment to freedom, oneness and the end of dualisms, that she further passes on to her children. The warrior woman is a woman with a spiritual calling. To a spiritual warrior, everything is a challange. The journey of the spiritual warrior is a journey that involves no enemies, it is a journey of wisdom and transformation. And Wisdom and Transformation is a result of discovering and fulfilling our lifelong quest for joyful love of living, breathing, working, praying and expressing through dance and art. Love for God, love ourselves, love others, love children, the community and love the earth .... is the happiness we must embrace. And when we are one with the warrior joy of love, can we then be happy warrior mothers to our children.

Love is the most powerful energy that will help each child grow strongly and confidently. It helps a person to overcome all challenges in life. The most wonderful gift that each parent could give to his/her child is unconditional love. This will give each child the ability to weather any challenges that comes his/her way. (Dato'Seri Dr. Abdul Shukor Bin Abdullah. Education Advisor for Yayasan Al-Bukhari. Former Director - General of Education, Malaysia)